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medical linens in chatham ilMedical Laundry Services in St. Louis, MO

Powered by a national reach but with a local team for that small company feel, we provide healthcare laundry services and products to local outpatient facilities. We have decades of experience that give us the understanding of the unique challenges healthcare professionals face every day.

We know that infection prevention is an ongoing challenge. From a wash process that exceeds industry standards to microfiber cleaning solutions and entrance mats, we can help ensure your infection prevention plan includes your medical linens.

We’re also more than “the laundry guys,” think of us as one of your staff member! We’ll manage your medical linen services inventory for cost-control. We are your valued partner that helps you with your challenges – such as no more scrubs walking with a fully-managed medical uniform linen service program – so that your staff is freed up to provide the best care for your patients.

After all, anyone visiting your facility forms a perception well before they even see a nurse or medical practitioner. In fact, it begins the moment they walk into your facility – is the floor clean? Is the front staff friendly? Am I getting a rough paper gown or a worn one that will leave me exposed and uncomfortable? Many overlook the importance of all these little details. Did you know that having a comfy, well-fitting gown that is in pristine condition and designed for modesty to give your patients impacts the way they feel about your practice and the quality of care they can expect? Are all the little things touching the patient quality enough that you would feel comfortable having a family member use it? All these are critical components to enhancing patient satisfaction.

Beyond healthcare linen service from a small, local team that knows you, we carry an assortment of products to fit the apparel and linen needs of any medical facility. Both your staff and your patients will have what they need to remain comfortable. Sign up to a comprehensive medical uniform linen service to give your staff a large selection of medical scrubs in Springfield IL, surgical gowns, lab coats, and more, all providing optimal comfort and sanitized up to 99.999% bacteria-free.

Patient robes and gowns are hand-inspected for quality and individually-wrapped, because would you really want them exposed while on route back to you, or exposed when sitting on the shelf? For healthcare bed linen, we have flat and fitted bed sheets, pillowcases, towels and washcloths, all of which are backed by our Bright White standard. Plus we innovated our premium Comfort Care line of patient robe and gowns, exclusively available from your local ImageFIRST team.

For all our medical laundry service and products in the St. Louis, MO area – including Springfield, MO, Litchfield, IL, Chesterfield, MO, Chatham, IL, and Belleville, IL – ImageFIRST is your leading provider.

Healthcare Linen Services in Springfield, IL

medical uniform linen service st louis mo

We like to think that we’re not a laundry company; we are a service company that happens to give you healthcare laundry services.

You can rest assured that all your medical linens are sanitized using our exclusive laundry process, wrapping them within a protective plastic barrier for delivery through our AssuranceFIRST process. With ComfortFIRST, all products are high quality and soft for greater satisfaction amongst your patients. You don’t get a driver with us, we get a dedicated representative who is vested in your success. We call them “Customer Advocates” and they will not only deliver on time, but also help streamline your linen inventory – so you have enough for your patient load but not overpaying for tons of unused stock!

Plus, you’ll get the best value with our ValueFIRST, where you decide your inventory level based on your case load, and that’s the bill you see. We offer effective inventory management, simplified billing, and a client portal that is available 24/7. Contact us to see the value and cost-effective medical linen services we offer.

Your ImageFIRST team is enthusiastic and ready to provide you with the most cost-effective healthcare linen service solution and quality products in the medical industry. Our medical laundry service is offered to local healthcare facilities in the greater St. Louis, MO area like Chesterfield, MO and covering cities south like Belleville, IL and north to Springfield, MO Chatham, IL, and communities in between like Litchfield, IL.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

"For the last five years, ImageFIRST has surpassed all of our expectations by providing us with reliable quality service. Our service representative takes pride in his work and treats Oakwood as if it was his own. He adjusts inventory supplies based on our usages, and has saved us money by recommending fewer products. It seems inflation is the nature of most business practices in today's economy, but I can honestly say that ImageFIRST will go above and beyond to ensure their prices stay affordable and consistent. We are very content having them for our linen needs and I foresee we will use them long into the future."

Andrea A., Oakwood Cancer Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

Your Partner In Your Success

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